TABLE 4-1 Summary of RECOVER Monitoring and Assessment Plan Products





Monitoring and Supporting Research (RECOVER, 2004)


Final/January 2004 currently being implemented. See Appendix C for the status of monitoring components as of January 2006.

Describes monitoring plan and research justifying plan. Draft performance measures are identified. Focus is the natural system. Implementation plan is included.

2005 Assessment Strategy for the Monitoring and Assessment Plan (RECOVER, 2005a)


Final draft/September 2005

Provides a framework for analyzing relevant monitoring data and assessing progress toward the CERP goals and objectives. See also Box 4-1.

Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan System-wide Performance Measures (RECOVER, 2006b)

PM report

Revised review draft/March 2006

Justifies selection of each performance measure. The scope, development, application, and associated uncertainty of each performance measure are discussed.

Quality Assurance Systems Requirements (RECOVER, 2006c)


Peer-review draft/June 2006

Provides quality assurance protocols for all performance measures. Also includes information on data validation, management, and data archiving.

performance measures, annual assessment reports, assessment strategies, etc.).” The reviewed documents include the CERP Monitoring and Assessment Plan: Part 1 Monitoring and Supporting Research (MAP I; RECOVER, 2004), 2005 Assessment Strategy for the Monitoring and Assessment Plan (MAP II; RECOVER, 2005a) (see Table 4-1), and the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan Adaptive Management Strategy (RECOVER, 2005c; superseded by RECOVER, 2006a). Accomplishments of the science program and issues that will require further efforts are highlighted throughout the chapter.

The chapter begins by assessing the monitoring and assessment programs developed by the Restoration Coordination and Verification (RECOVER) program, including the progress and challenges faced in the implementation of the programs. The chapter then describes the importance of science coordination and synthesis to support the restoration effort and

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