1. What factors influenced your choice of the first position out of the postdoc?

    Please describe the job search experience.

  2. What were your department’s expectations of you as a junior faculty member compared with faculty who did not have the immediate support provided by the Markey Award?

    Did the Markey Award have a positive or neutral effect on being hired?

    Did the department reduce the amount of support it provided because of the Markey Award?

    How did this support affect the collegial atmosphere?

    What were your own expectations as a junior faculty member?

    Describe the process that led you to enter the industrial sector.

  3. Describe the influence of the Markey Award on funding opportunities. What was the prestige/PR value of the Markey award for you?

    Was the Markey Award a help or hindrance in getting additional funding?

  4. What sort of teaching responsibilities were expected of you at your first position?

    How have these changed over time?

    What sort of mentoring responsibilities were expected of you in your lab?

  5. How did you develop your lab in terms of personnel?

    • how many postdocs have you trained?

    • how many grad students?

    • tell me about the successful ones, the less successful ones.

  1. How did the Markey award affect your networking capabilities?

    Was it a help or hindrance in forming bonds with fellow junior faculty?

  2. Please describe your current interests in biomedical research.

  3. Are you practicing translational researchthat is, research that engaged in clinical trials, or research in human genetics? [If yes] Does your research require IRB approval?

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