Scientific Name

Common Name

Agrotis photophila*

Noctuid moth [unnamed]*

Agrotis procellaris*

Procellaris grotis noctuid moth*

Argyresthia castaneela*

Chestnut ermine moth*

Coleophora leucochrysella*

Casebearer moth [unnamed]

Deloneura immaculate*

Hairsteak butterfly [unnamed]*

Ectodemia castaneae*

American chestnut moth*

Genophantis leahi*

Looper moth [unnamed]*

Glaucopsyche xerces*

Xerces blue*

Lepidochrysops hypopolia*

Hairsteak butterfly [unnamed] (South Africa)

Levuana irridescens*

Levuana moth*

Libythea cinyras*

Snout butterfly [unnamed] (Mauritius)*

Maculinea alcon arenaria*

Dutch alcon blue*

Oeobia sp.*

Pyralid moth [unnamed]*

Parnassius clodius strohbeeni*

Strohbeen parnassian*

Scotorythra megalophylla*

Kona giant looper moth*

Scotorythra nesiotes*

Ko’olau giant looper moth*

Scotorythra paratactis*

Hawaiian hopseed looper moth*

Speyeria adiaste atossa*

Atossa fritillary*

Tischeria perplexa*

Chestnut clearwing moth*



Megalagrion jugorum

Jugorum megalagrion damsefly



Sympetrum dilatatum

Dragonfly [unnamed]



Conozoa hyalina

Central Valley grasshopper

Neduba extincta

Antioch Dunes shieldback katydid



Alloperla roberti

Robert’s stonefly



Rhyacophila amabilis

Castle Lake caddisfly

Triaenodes phalacris

Athens caddisfly

Triaenodes tridonata

Three-tooth caddisfly

*Potential pollinator; species is known to visit flowers for nectar or pollen.

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