Scientific Name

Common Name

Lycaeides melissa samuelis*

Karner blue butterfly*

Manduca blackburni*

Blackburn sphinx moth*

Neonympha mitchellii francisci*

Saint Francis satyr butterfly*

Neonympha mitchellii mitchellii*

Mitchell satyr butterfly*

Pseudocopaeodes eunus obscurus*

Carson wandering skipper*

Pyrgus ruralis lagunae*

Laguna Mountains skipper*

Speyeria callippe callippe*

Callippe silverspot butterfly*

Speyeria zerene behrensii*

Behren silverspot butterfly*

Speyeria zerene myrtleae*

Myrtle silverspot butterfly*



Somatochlora hineana

Hine emerald dragonfly



Trimerotropis infantilis

Zayante band-winged grasshopper

*Potential pollinator; species is known to visit flowers for nectar or pollen.

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