Type of Organization/Project


Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

An environmental action organization

Consumer’s weight (lbs)

Types of fish consumer has eaten in the last month

Number of portions consumer has eaten of each fish

Portion sizes for each fish meal

The Ocean Conservancy

A research, education, advocacy organization advocating for the oceans

Consumer’s weight (lbs)

Average number of 6 oz servings/week of different seafood types (list provided)

tool. Information on the nutrient content of foods, including seafood, can be obtained through the USDA nutrient database (USDA, 2005b; Source: (see also Chapter 5, Table 5-2 and discussion).

Currently, much of the interactive seafood consumption information available on the Web consists of mercury intake calculators that may include tailoring by the decision-maker’s weight, sometimes gender, and the type and amount of seafood consumed (Table 6-1). In addition, the computerized nutritional information approach has been successful and shown some promise in other domains (Lancaster and Stead, 2002; Eng et al., 1999). Computerized nutrition information in the form of menu planning has been ongoing since the mid-1960s (Balintfy, 1964; Eckstein, 1967) and is still being developed (Bouwman et al., 2005).

Northern Contaminants Program

The Northern Contaminants Program (NCP) is funded by a commitment of one million dollars a year from the Canadian government and managed by aboriginal communities. The aim of the program is to reduce

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