VEP Visual evoked potential

VLDL Very low-density lipoprotein

VRM Visual recognition memory

WHO World Health Organization

WIC Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children


24-hour recall A method of collecting food consumption data; an interviewer solicits detailed information regarding what a study participant ate and drank in the previous 24 hours or on the previous day

Adipose tissue Fat tissue

Aflatoxin Any of a group of toxic compounds produced by certain molds that contaminate stored food supplies such as animal feed and peanuts

Analysis of variance (ANOVA) To identify sources of variability; to describe the relationship between a continuous dependent variable and one or more nominal independent variables

Anglers Those who crab and/or fish

Anthropogenic Of human origin

Aquaculture Rearing or cultivating marine or freshwater fish or shellfish under controlled conditions for food

Arrhythmia An irregular heartbeat

Assay The evaluation of a substance for impurities, toxicity, etc.

Atherosclerosis A condition in which plaques containing cholesterol and lipids are deposited on the innermost layer of the walls of large and medium-sized arteries

Atopic Of, relating to, or caused by a hereditary predisposition toward developing certain hypersensitivity reactions, such as hay fever, asthma, or chronic urticaria, upon exposure to specific antigens

Axonal The usually long process of a nerve fiber that generally conducts impulses away from the body of the nerve cell

Bayesian hierarchical model A statistical method to make inferences about an unknown parameter in a multi-level model

Benchmark dose modeling A technique for quantitative assessment of noncancer health effects; based on the level at which the prevalence of a defined health abnormality exceeds the background prevalence of the abnormality by a specified amount

Benefit-risk analysis Comparison of the benefits of a situation to its related risks

Best practices A technique or methodology that, through experience and research, has reliably proven to lead to a desired result

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