Study Type



Timing of Exposure

Stevens et al., 1995*


Cases = boys with ADHD (n=53)

Control = healthy boys (n=43)

Aged 6-12 years

North central Indiana

Primarily White

Plasma fatty acid analysis

At time of visit

Mitchell et al., 1987*


Cases = hyperactive children (n=48)

Controls = from two local primary schools (n=49)

Boys and girls

Mean age about 9 years

92% European

About 95% mothers in top three socioeconomic groups

Auckland, New Zealand

Serum fatty acid levels

At time of visit

Mitchell et al., 1983*


Cases = from a residential school for “maladjusted” children (n=23)

Controls = from a normal intermediate school (n=20)

Boys and girls

Aged 10-13 years for controls

Aged 7.5-13 years for cases

Auckland, New Zealand

Level of red blood cell essential fatty acids

At time of visit

*Included in Schachter HM, Kourad K, Merali Z, Lumb A, Tran K, Miguelez M. 2005. Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Mental Health. Summary, Evidence Report/Technology Assessment No. 116 (Prepared by the University of Ottawa Evidence-based Practice Center under Contract No. 290-02-0021). Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

**B = Evidence of a benefit; A = Evidence of an adverse effect; N = Evidence of no association or no clear association.

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