Recommendations for Seafood and EPA/DHAConsumption

TABLE B-3 Recommendations for Seafood and EPA/DHA Consumption



Purpose of Recommendtion

American Heart Association

Healthy adults (without documented coronary heart disease)

Reduce cardiovascular disease by dietary and lifestyle facts among the general population

American Heart Association

People with documented heart disease

Secondary prevention

American Heart Association

People with elevated triglycerides

Lower triglycerides

Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee


Provide sound and current dietary guidelines to consumers



Help Americans make healthy food choices, given their sex, age, and activity level

National Cholesterol Education Program, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

People with high LDL-cholesterol/those adopting therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC)

Healthy lifestyle recommendation for a healthy heart

American Diabetes Association


Lower risk of diabetes, and protect your heart and blood vessels

World Health Organization


To protect against coronary heart disease and ischaemic stroke

European Society of Cardiology

General population

To offer advice on food choices to compose a diet associated with the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease

United Kingdom Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition

General population and pregnant women

To reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

European Food Safety Authority


Reach daily intake for LC n-3 PUFA recommended for potential benefits to health

National Heart Foundation of Australia

People with coronary heart disease

Preventing cardiovascular events

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