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In this way, using the concepts of fitness, fitness reorganization, fitness tradeoffs, altruism, kin selection, life history evolution, and social evolution, we can explain a major evolutionary transition in individuality: the evolution of complex multicellular individuals from unicellular and colonial ancestors.


This chapter reviews published work in which my colleagues had principal roles. Aurora Nedelcu led the experimental work on the origin of regA. She also helped me organize the lecture on which this article is based. Cristian Solari led the hydrodynamic work on motility. Yannick Viosatt had a principal role in the development of the covariance effect. I am grateful to Aurora Nedelcu, Cristian Solari, Yannick Viosatt, Matt Herron, John Kessler, and Ray Goldstein for many discussions and comments. I thank Matt Herron for his comments on the manuscript. Support from the University of Arizona College of Science is greatly appreciated.

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