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FIGURE 9.1 Schematic diagram of the evolutionary steps in the acquisition of bacterial symbionts and sap-feeding lifestyles in the insect group Auchenorrhyncha (Hemiptera), with emphasis on the sharpshooters (Cicadellinae). The bacterial symbionts S. muelleri (Bacteroidetes) and B. cicadellinicola (Gammaproteobacteria) colonized at different stages in sharpshooter evolution; they provide nutrients needed to supplement the xylem sap diet (Moran et al., 2005b; Takiya et al., 2006; Wu et al., 2006).

FIGURE 9.2 An individual sharpshooter (Cuerna sayi) dissected to reveal the bacteriomes on each side of the abdomen. These structures contain the intracellular symbionts, Sulcia and Baumannia. Photo by R. Rakitov and D. Takiya, University of Illinois.

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