Accelerated Rare-Isotope Beams



SC linac proposed

Construction from 2003

Up to 10 MeV/A for RIB


Operating driver

1100 MeV/A for 12C and 540 MeV/A for 238U driver



Provides intense A < 60 RIBs

Phase II includes degraders, a gas catcher, e-RI collider, polarized RI beams, etc.


Goal of up to 100 kW of U on target, Phase I operational in 2007, Phase II proposed

18 GHz (CB-ECR) and SC RFQ and IH and SC linacs


Low-energy RNBs up to 1.1 MeV/A are currently available; RNBs from 5 to 8 MeV/A are planned

HI RFQ linac to 86 keV/A; IH linacs to 400 keV/A

Cyclotron exists, RFQ prototype operational, funded project

Photofission option for producing neutron-rich RIB under consideration; Phase 2 proposal for acceleration up to 2 MeV/A submitted

K110–Cyclone cyclotron


Up to 9 kW on target and RIBs accelerated from 0.2 to 12 MeV/A

RIB can be accelerated in U400 cyclotron.


Also uses photofission technique with the MT25 microtron

SC linac

4-year design study funded in 2005.

Continuous energies between keV/A and 100 MeV/A for m < 130

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