cally at countering the threat of radiological terrorism from inadequately secured ionizing radation sources (IRSs) in Russia. This cooperation was to be carried out using the legal framework of the ongoing MPC&A cooperative program.


The U.S. Congress authorized the new program in DOE “to protect, control, and account for radiological dispersal device materials,” both within Russia and on a broader global basis, during FY 2003.1 This chapter reviews the directions and progress of that program to date.

By the end of 2005, the U.S.-Russian cooperative program to upgrade security of IRSs had focused on four activities:

  1. Analysis of information available in Russian databases that is intended to provide inventories of the numbers, types, and locations of IRSs that are in use or in storage in Russia—these analyses are expected to lead to recommendations concerning priority sites for improved IRS protection and for consolidation of IRSs,

  2. Improvement of security and related infrastructure capabilities at Radon storage and disposal sites,

  3. Collection and disposal of unwanted IRSs, and

  4. Acceleration of the decommissioning of radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) that are or have been deployed in Russia, largely in the Far North.

DOE program officials informed the committee in January 2006 that their priority was to continue working in these four areas and, if resources permit, to initiate activities that will improve physical protection at health-related facilities that use high-activity IRSs. Prior to addressing future directions for the cooperative program in Chapter 4, this report briefly describes efforts to date and their impact based on discussions with U.S. and Russian officials and specialists and on observations during site visits in Russia.


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