CI (confidence interval): Interval estimate of an unknown parameter such as a risk; 95% CI, as an example, is constructed from a procedure that is theoretically successful in capturing the parameter of interest in 95% of its applications. Confidence limits are the end points of a confidence interval

CIC: Community Involvement Committee (LANL)

CLL: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

COWG: Communications and Outreach Workgroup (Oak Ridge)

DOE: U.S. Department of Energy

Dose: Short name for absorbed dose (1 Gy = 1 J/kg) and also for equivalent dose, effective dose, and weighted dose (1 Sv = 1 J/kg)

EEOICPA: Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act

EPA: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Epidemiology: Study of the determinants of the frequency of disease in humans.The two main types of epidemiologic studies of chronic disease are cohort (or follow-up) studies and case-control studies

EPR: Electron paramagnetic resonance

ERDA: Energy Research and Development Administration

ERR: Estimated excess relative risk. The rate of disease in an exposed population divided by the rate of disease in an unexposed population minus 1.0.

ES&H: Office of Environment, Safety and Health (DOE)

ETTP: East Tennessee Technology Park

Exposure: Condition of having contact with a physical or chemical agent

FACA: Federal Advisory Committee Act

FWMSP: Former Worker Medical Surveillance Program (DOE)

HCHP: Hanford Community Health Project

HEDR: Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project

HEHF: Hanford Environmental Health Foundation.

HERB: Health-Related Energy Research Branch (NIOSH)

HES: Health Effects Subcommittee

HETA: Hazard Evaluation and Technical Assistance

HHE: Health Hazard Evaluation

HHES: Hanford Health Effects Subcommittee

HHIN: Hanford Health Information Network

HHS: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HTDS: Hanford Thyroid Disease Study

I-131: Iodine-131

ICD: International Classification of Diseases

ICRP International Commission on Radiological Protection: Independent inter-

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