FIGURE 2-1 Prevalence (%) of obesity among nonpregnant U.S. women, ages 20– 39. Obesity is defined as a body mass index of greater than 30.0.

SOURCE: Flegal et al. (2002) and Ogden et al. (2006).

FIGURE 2-2 Prevalence (%) of overweight among nonpregnant U.S. adolescents, ages 12–19. Overweight is defined as greater than or equal to the 95th percentile of body mass index based on gender and age.

SOURCE: Ogden et al. (2002, 2006).

American girls, and 25 percent for non-Hispanic black girls (Ogden et al., 2006). Figure 2-4 summarizes these prevalence rates for overweight in adolescent women (ages 12–19). No nationally representative data exist for other minority populations, such as non-Mexican Hispanic, American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Asian women.

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