1. Please list the most significant/current problems your country has to face in the field of POPs. Please order in priority 1, 2, 3 etc.

    __Improper storage, incineration, or recycling

    __Lack of labeling of hazardous chemicals on sale

    __Lack of expertise on chemicals training and technology centre

    __Ignorance of the dangers among officials associated with chemicals capacity building

    __The sector's obsolete technology and equipment

    __Lack of an integrated prevention system for major industrial accidents and preparation of an emergency plan of action

    __Lack of resources (financial and technical support)

    __Other (please specify):

    Where possible, please briefly indicate what is needed to solve these problems:

  2. What expectations do you have for the implementation of Stockholm conventions in USA and in China in period 2004-2014? Please indicate your expected order of priorities for achievement.

    1. Development of funding and management mechanisms for the Stockholm Conventions

    2. Exchange of experience in management of pesticides and out-of-date chemicals

    3. Development of a Plan of Action for POPs control.

    4. Development strategy to reduce illegal trans-boundary transport and trade in hazardous products

    5. Development of a strategy to exchange expertise

    6. Development of preventive and health-protection methods and safety measures for workers in the chemical and agricultural sectors

    7. Introduction of a risk-reduction program for hazardous chemicals

    8. Harmonization of classification and labeling of chemicals

For China:

For USA:


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