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A radar altimeter for bathymetry, geodesy, and mesoscale oceanography

To provide a global map of deep ocean bathymetry and gravity field at a resolution of 6–9 km using delay-Doppler radar altimetry to measure sea-surface slope


Contributions of Radio Occultation Observations to the Integrated Earth Observation System

To resolve temperature and water vapor of the global atmosphere with unprecedented accuracy and resolution sufficient to meet requirements of weather and climate forecasting and climate monitoring via an operational system of radio occultation observations


Advanced Limb Imaging Sounder Experiment Mission

To measure the distribution of upper troposphere and lower stratosphere temperature, water vapor, ozone, clouds, and aerosols at high vertical and improved horizontal resolution in order to understand the role of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere region in the radiative forcing of climate and climate-chemistry feedback


Molniya Orbit Imager

To extend GOES-type imagery to high-latitudes via an imager in Molniya orbit


Robust IR Remote Sensing for Carbon Monoxide, Methane, and Ozone Profiles

To make daily measurements of the vertical structure of trace gases including CO, methane, and ozone


GRACE follow-on

To provide global measurements of terrestrial water, ice, and ocean mass variations via measurement of temporal variations in Earth’s gravitational field


Spaceborne Advanced Visible Infrared Imager Concept

To produce high-resolution maps of reflected and emitted radiance of surface every 8 days via thermal IR imagery


Mission of Scatterometer and Along-Track Interferometer for Ocean Current and Vector Wind Applications

To acquire high-resolution measurements of both ocean surface current and vector wind as a significant improvement over current measurements via scatterometry and along-track interferometry


Sensing of H2O in the Upper Troposphere

To simultaneously measure vertical profiles of H2O and HDO in the tropics and subtropics through the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere via IR solar occultation in order to constrain the dominant mechanisms regulating the abundance of water in critical regions of the Earth’s atmosphere


Draft GPM Overview Document

To provide near-global measurements of rainfall, 3-D cloud structure,and precipitation using a microwave imager and a dual-frequency precipitation radar


Stratospheric Earth Radiation Balance (SERB) Missions using Balloons

To investigate stratospheric Earth radiation balance via long-life stratospheric balloons


Structure and Inventory of Vegetated Ecosystems

To gain information on composition, density, optical properties,and geometric structure of vegetation canopies and other surfaces using a combined lidar and stereo imager and a multi-angle global imager


Surface Observatories and in situ Observations in Support of Space-based Observations of Aerosols and Clouds

To monitor surface radiative fluxes and cloud and aerosol properties via a three-tiered system of surface-based observatories

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