• The title block describes the name of the community, date of the map, and individual map number;

  • The collar data include common and specific notes about the map, including the map legend; and

  • The map data include the extent of the flood boundaries and the base map, which may be an orthophoto image or vector information that shows road and other feature locations.

Map Data

The map data portion of the FIRM is most relevant to the discussion of mapping technologies and includes the following panel elements (Figure 3.2):

  • Zone labels: these labels show an insurance agent what rates to charge the property owner for flood insurance. Typical 1 percent recurrence interval zones will begin with either the letter A or the letter V. The letter A represents riverine flooding or

FIGURE 3.2 The main panel elements for the map data in a FIRM. These elements include the zone labels: the 1% Zone, the 0.2% Zone, the unshaded Zone X, the BFEs, and the floodway.

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