ever, outside analysis identified weaknesses and suggested methods for filling in the health gaps left by ExxonMobil’s pipeline project.

Addressing issues of capacity building and poverty is a difficult challenge for global corporations. Appropriate plans or management systems are necessary to ensure that an organization’s public interest goals are identified, managed, and incorporated into the organizational culture. ExxonMobil Corporation offers one such example of a management system that was established to ensure that their safety, health, and environmental goals policies and goals are effectively implemented.

As soon as we begin to examine community health on a global scale, we encounter the issue of poverty.

—Garrick Louis


The key goal of ExxonMobil Corporation is to provide reliable sources of quality energy products at a reasonable cost to meet an individual’s needs in both developed and developing countries, said Flannery. But at the same time, ExxonMobil must be aware of, and able to manage, the substantial environmental and health risks that are inherent in the business of oil production. ExxonMobil must therefore demonstrate the organization’s commitment to the environment, health, and social responsibility while also staying attuned to changing societal expectations.

In an effort to address emerging safety, health, and environmental questions such as these, ExxonMobil established a safety, health, and environment (SHE) management system. The SHE management system incorporates ExxonMobil’s goals by offering a structured management plan to protect safety, health, and the environment. The model for this management system includes five steps:

  1. Identify the scope and objective.

  2. Set procedures.

  3. Identify the resources necessary for implementation.

  4. Establish a verification and measurement process.

  5. Create a system to receive and respond to feedback.

For the SHE management system to be effective, ExxonMobil needed to establish a widespread organizational commitment to the implementation of this management system model. Without management, leadership, commitment, and accountability, Flannery said, one does not have a management system. An organization must therefore integrate its management plan by incorporating its

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