Blackburn further noted that the research can occur in many places and does not have to be a large, centralized research program. He suggested creating incentives for research in small, medium-size, and large companies so that “we have a thousand flowers blooming here.” One industry program that was mentioned was the Long Range Research Initiative (LRI) established by the ACC. The research priorities of the LRI are (1) to improve methods that help build a foundation to evaluate risks of chemical products to public health and environment, (2) to develop susceptibility factors to evaluate whether children or other vulnerable groups are adequately protected, and (3) determine where chemicals in the environment are to increase understanding of pathways from sources to humans and wildlife. Henry noted that it is important to think about these issues globally as chemicals do not recognize geographic boundaries. Thus the research programs need to reflect this and partnerships and collaborative approaches with government and academia are necessary to making progress in the field. One of the hallmarks of the program is the recognition that the perception of industry-sponsored research is not always favorable. To overcome this problem, the program established open and transparent practices, using third-party, independent investigators, who determine the experimental approaches and select the chemicals for use in the research. In addition, the researchers own their data and have control over when the results will be published without the right of prior review by the ACC. Transparency and credibility are important elements of the program and are necessary for its success. Research sponsored by the LRI is leveraged and coordinated internationally through the ICCA, thereby meeting the need of the global chemical industry to increase knowledge on the health, safety, and environmental impacts of chemicals.

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