Product 2.2 North American carbon budget and implications for the global carbon cycle (NOAA)

Product 2.3 Aerosol properties and their impacts on climate (NASA)

Product 2.4 Trends in emissions of ozone-depleting substances, ozone layer recovery, and implications for ultraviolet radiation exposure and climate change (NOAA)

CCSP GOAL 3 Reduce uncertainty in projections of how the Earth’s climate and related systems may change in the future

Product 3.1 Climate models: an assessment of strengths and limitations for user applications (DOE)

Product 3.2 Climate projections for research and assessment based on emissions scenarios developed through the Climate Change Technology Program (NOAA)

Product 3.3 Climate extremes including documentation of current extremes: prospects for improving projections (NOAA)

Product 3.4 Risks of abrupt changes in global climate (USGS)

CCSP GOAL 4 Understand the sensitivity and adaptability of different natural and managed ecosystems and human systems to climate and related global changes

Product 4.1 Coastal elevation and sensitivity to sea-level rise (EPA)

Product 4.2 State of knowledge of thresholds of change that could lead to discontinuities (sudden changes) in some ecosystems and climate-sensitive resources (USGS)

Product 4.3 Analyses of the effects of global change on agriculture, biodiversity, land, and water resources (USDA)

Product 4.4 Preliminary review of adaptation options for climate-sensitive ecosystems and resources (EPA)

Product 4.5 Effects of global change on energy production and use (DOE)

Product 4.6 Analyses of the effects of global change on human health and welfare and human systems (EPA)

Product 4.7 Within the transportation sector, a summary of climate change and variability sensitivities, potential impacts, and response options (DOT)

CCSP GOAL 5 Explore the uses and identify the limits of evolving knowledge to manage risks and opportunities related to climate variability and change

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