important background information about the threat to currency and how the committee established a system to evaluate potential new features and feature platforms. The committee found that much of the information in this chapter was not at all obvious and as such was valuable to share with the wider audience for this report.

Chapter 3, “Emerging Counterfeiting Technology Threats,” which addresses Task 1, reviews current and emerging technologies that present significant counterfeiting threats. Chapter 4, “Innovative Counterfeit-Deterrent Features” discusses the evaluation process used by the committee and summarizes the advanced features that could be incorporated in FRNs within a short to intermediate time frame—that is, 4 to 7 years. Features particularly useful for classes of users, such as the blind, are identified, and plastic substrates are discussed. The features summarized in Chapter 4 are described in more detail in Appendix C. Together, Chapter 4 and Appendix C address a portion of the feature identification and prioritization undertaking requested in Tasks 2 and 4 and the alternative substrate evaluation requested in Task 3.

Chapter 5, “Disruptive Feature Platforms,” presents game-changing ideas for feature technologies that extend beyond conventional approaches and which will require long-term development (beyond 7 years). Appendix D contains more detailed descriptions of the platforms. Chapter 5 and Appendix D address a portion of the feature identification and prioritization requested by Tasks 2 and 4 and offers long-term concepts for alternative substrates, as requested in Task 3.

Chapter 6, “A Path Forward,” discusses a strategy for further developing the feature concepts to the point that a decision could be made for their incorporation into an FRN. Factors of cost, aesthetics, and durability are explained. Chapter 6 addresses the remaining elements of Tasks 2, 3, and 4.

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