The preparation of Science, Evolution, and Creationism was supported with funds from the Council of the National Academy of Sciences and from the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation, New York, N.Y.

Representatives of this booklet’s intended audiences informally reviewed this booklet prior to the final review process. Support for obtaining input from intended audiences was provided by an informal coalition of some 30 scientific societies based in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, the Presidents’ Circle Communications Initiative of the National Academies, the Council of the National Academy of Sciences, the Biotechnology Institute (Arlington, Va.), and contributions to the National Academy of Sciences from several individual donors.

This booklet has been formally reviewed in draft form by individuals chosen for their diverse perspectives and technical expertise, in accordance with procedures approved by the Council of the National Academy of Sciences. The purpose of this independent review is to provide candid and critical comments to assist the institution in making its published report as sound as possible. The review comments and draft manuscript remain confidential to protect the integrity of the process. We thank the following individuals for their review of this report:

Joyce Appleby, Professor Emerita, Department of History, University of California, Los Angeles

Constance Bertka, Director, Dialog on Science, Ethics, and Religion, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Donald M. Berwick, President and CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

John I. Brauman, J. G. Jackson–C. J. Wood Professor, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University

Vicki L. Chandler, Director, BIO5 Institute, University of Arizona

Harvey V. Fineberg, President, Institute of Medicine

Jerry P. Gollub, J. B. B. Professor in the Natural Sciences and Professor of Physics, Haverford College

Susan Gottesman, Chief, Biochemical Genetics Section, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

Margaret G. Kivelson, Distinguished Professor of Space Physics, Department of Earth and Space Sciences and Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California, Los Angeles

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