November 9, 1999. Governmental authorities had agreed to the creation of this institution, and they gave it an official recognition. Envisioned as an academic society and placed under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Senegal, the ASTS has as its mission assistance, consultation, advice, and expertise. The ASTS is currently the only Academy that exists in Senegal.

The opening of the ASTS took place on November 25, 1999, under the chairmanship of the Chief of State, and in the presence of members of the Government, the National Assembly and officials from the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), the Third World Network of Scientific Organizations (TWNSO), and the African Organization for Science and Technology (AFRISTECH).

The annual opening ceremonies of the ASTS are often chaired by the President of Senegal, and include the participation of national and international political and scientific leaders. They are organized around a theme that is independently chosen by the Academy.

Mission of the ASTS

As an independent institution, the ASTS has the following principal objectives:

  • to assist and advise the Senegalese State (government, public and private institutions) in the definition and implementation of national science and technology policy

  • to initiate, recommend, and develop programs in the fields of science and technology

  • to encourage scientific research, and to assist with the promotion and the use of the results of such research

  • to bestow awards and recognition upon individuals who have made significant advances in their area

  • to create job opportunities in science for young people and women

  • to contribute to the development of a culture of science and to a closer connection between science and society

The Membership and Operation of the Academy of Science and Technology of Senegal

The ASTS is composed of permanent members, corresponding members, associate members, honorary members, and emeritus members. In 2005, the Academy had forty-four permanent members who were elected by a merit-based process, four associate members, and fifteen honorary members.

The ASTS is composed of the following deliberative bodies:

  • The General Assembly, which includes regular members and associate members

  • Sections that are chaired by a Vice President. The three main sections are: Science and Technology, Health Science, and Agricultural Science. A fourth section, Economics and Social Sciences, is in the process of being created. The current statutes allow for a maximum of twenty members in each section

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