in Lansing, Michigan, during the project served as practitioner consultants. Janet English, director of educational services at KOCE-TV, Public Broadcasting Service, in Lake Forest, California, served as a liaison from the National Research Council’s Teacher Advisory Committee. We want to acknowledge the importance of their observations and presence in this work. The cumulative contribution of these seasoned practitioners was essential.

Stephen Mautner, executive editor of the National Academies Press (NAP), was involved in the preparation of the book from the earliest stages to final production. We want to acknowledge his critical contributions as a skilled editor and steadfast collaborator with the staff of the Board on Science Education. We also want to acknowledge the support of Barbara Kline-Pope, executive director of the NAP, while this project was being conceptualized. Moreover, we want to acknowledge the dedication of all the NAP staff for their expert contributions to Ready, Set, Science! Eugenia Grohman, associate executive director of the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, and Patricia Morison, interim director of the Center for Education, at the National Academies were pivotal in helping navigate the review process for this book as review coordinators. Patricia Morison’s work extended beyond the review process, and we want to acknowledge her ongoing guidance and encouragement throughout. Kirsten Sampson-Snyder, the division’s reports officer, played an essential role in overseeing the independent review process. We want to acknowledge Christine McShane and her editing work as well as Yvonne Wise for her role in the production process. Victoria Ward, senior project assistant for the Board on Science Education, provided essential administrative support throughout the life of this project. We are grateful for her agility and grace in managing complex administrative details.

We thank the following individuals for their review of this report. The review process for an NRC product is critically important. These reviewers provided constructive and insightful comments and suggestions: Brian P. Coppola, Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan; Susan Doubler, Center for Science Teaching and Learning, TERC, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Wynne Harlen, University of Bristol, Berwickshire, Scotland; Deborah Dale Lucas, Teaching and Learning Department, Vanderbilt University; and Brett D. Moulding, Curriculum, Utah Office of Education, Salt Lake City.

Finally, we want to acknowledge the original work of the Committee on Science Learning, Kindergarten Through Eighth Grade. Without this remarkable contribution, Ready, Set, Science! would not be a reality.

C. Jean Moon, Director

Board on Science Education

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