promoting models of coordinated chronic care and other strategies for improving the transition of young people from pediatric to adult health care, 8

public policies to improve health care facility and equipment accessibility, 170175

reducing barriers to health insurance for people with disabilities, 7

Access to health insurance

disability and risk adjustment of payments to health plans, 239248

health insurance coverage for people with disabilities, 224235

health insurance markets and their limits for people with disabilities, 235239

recommendations, 248252

and the role of risk-adjusted payments to health plans, 222252

Access to legal services, 470471

Access to personal assistive services, financial, 265273

Access to telecommunications technology

ADA, 491516

federal laws, 482491

Hearing Aid Compatibility Act, 486491

introduction, 478482

key laws and policies, 478518

policy implications of technological change, 516517

Telecommunications for the Disabled Act, 482486


enhancing through universal design of mainstream technologies, 200203

of health care facilities, improving, 67, 179182

of technologies, 2, 4, 1314

Accessible design, defining, 189

Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), 132

ACP. See American College of Physicians

Action, defining, 44

Activities, defining, 38

Activities of daily living (ADL), 50, 54, 8283, 8992, 97, 227, 261, 267, 413415

Activity limitations, 7375

clarifying, 4244

defining, 38

ADA. See Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA Accessibility Guidelines, 173, 493, 507

Adaptive assistive devices, defining, 187

ADL. See Activities of daily living

Administrative responses, to continuing problems with ADA compliance, 175177

Adolescent medicine, 105

Adolescent transitions

complexity of, 104

income support and work, 112114

Medicaid and other public health programs, 108110

other environmental factors, 114115

populations “at risk” for, 102103

public policy and other environmental factors, 107115

transition support and public schools, 110112

Adoption of available technologies, 211216

Adoption of the ICF, 4247

adding quality of life to the framework, 4445

categorizing personal factors, 45

clarifying activity limitations and participation restrictions, 4244

as the conceptual framework for disability monitoring and research, 3, 5

depicting functioning and disability as dynamic processes, 4647

developing environmental factors, 46

recognizing secondary conditions, 46

recommendations concerning, 5962

Adult care models.

See also Younger adults with disabilities

for organizing pediatric and adult care for individuals with chronic health conditions or disabilities, 118119

Adult health care providers, as a barrier to successful transition planning and outcomes, 126

Age, demographic trends and increasing disability, 1719

Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ), 4, 11, 62, 158159, 228, 293, 307

Agency on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, 317

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