Some schools have reported the use of foods and beverages as an aid in managing behavior. The committee has determined that such use of foods in schools is inappropriate; thus to avoid establishing an emotional connection between foods and beverages and acomplishment, they should not be allowed.

Standard 11: Minimize marketing of Tier 2 foods and beverages in the high school setting by

  • locating Tier 2 food and beverage distribution in low student traffic areas; and

  • ensuring that the exterior of vending machines does not depict commercial products or logos or suggest that consumption of vended items conveys a health or social benefit.


The presence in some high schools of vending machines used to sell Tier 2 foods and beverages after school leaves open a marketing opportunity for industry to promote their products during the regular school day, even if these vending machines are only turned on at the end of the regular school day. In making this recommendation, the committee concurs with the recommendations of the recent Institute of Medicine report on food and beverage marketing to children.

Foods and Beverages Offered in the After-School Setting

Standard 12: Tier 1 snack items are allowed after school for student activities for elementary and middle schools. Tier 1 and 2 snacks are allowed after school for high school.

Defining end of the regular school day Implementing the above concept will require that schools develop an operational definition of the time when the regular school day ends for high school. The committee has elected to leave the determination of the end of the school day to the local principal or other school administrator familiar with local circumstances. Some high schools may wish to define the end of the school day as the end of classes. This would make Tier 2 foods available to students as snacks while they are leaving school; other schools may wish to limit departing students to the most healthy foods by enabling the availability of only Tier 2 foods, after most students have left campus—perhaps one-half hour after the last class

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