TABLE 2-3 Network Areas and Priorities


Network Areas

Important Applications


Communications and information

Predictable performance: fundamental to command and control (C2) systems, logistics, training, etc., for both high and low levels of conflict, including operations at higher echelons down to the individual units and soldiers


Human performance in networks

Improved command decision processes, soldier and team interaction, training, social interactions, etc.


Adversary understanding

Social, cultural, organizational, religious, and economic command and control networks; critical counterinsurgency (COIN) interactions; intelligence analysis


Non-physical areas of network science (see Table 2-2)

Systems biology, neural networks, and economic networks

The assignment of Priority 3 in Table 2-3 to efforts in non-physical areas of network science should not be interpreted as meaning that efforts in such areas should be stopped, or that funding should be dramatically reduced during times of tight budgets. The Priority 3 areas are in fact what would differentiate an integrated center for network science, technology, and experimentation from typical networking research centers. For this reason, those charged with establishing and administering an Army NSTEC must actively advocate that the full scope of network science as laid out in the 2005 NRC report Network Science be pursued.

NSTE S&T Investment Strategy

Future science and technology investments for NSTE should correspond to the priority assignments shown in Table 2-3. These considerations, combined with the need to provide solid scientific foundations for all pertinent network applications, lead to a recommended investment strategy for NSTE as follows:

  • Continue the current Army focus on information networks, expanding these activities to address basic understanding and predictability of those networks.

  • Develop and fund a plan that will provide the theoretical and scientific foundations for all network science research and applications.

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