talent that India has sent to the United States is helping in the quest for solutions to these problems. The education being brought from the IITs is value added to the U.S. economy and culture, and it is highly valued in turn.

Dr. Telang of Howard University noted that Minister Sibal’s presentation sent a very powerful message and at the same time issued a challenge. The quote from Napoleon with which the minster had concluded his keynote address made clear the potential of science and enterprise. Alluding to the presentation of Mr. Subramanian in the previous panel, who had declared that much of the policy and implementation responsibilities relating to innovation lie with India’s state governments, he inquired if there is sufficient dialogue between the central government and the state governments.

“There is no dialogue between me and Mr. Subramanian, I can confess to that,” the minister quipped. Then, saying he considered the issue a federal one, he added that India’s central government is in fact collaborating with the states through contact with state chief ministers and through conferences—and even if the U.S. federal structure is far stronger than India’s, Indian states do not disregard federal objectives. While acknowledging that the federal government might not have laid sufficient emphasis on some of the challenges that Mr. Subramanian talked about, Minister Sibal contended that the picture was not as dark was made out to be.

Bringing this session to a close, Dr. Wessner expressed his appreciation to Dr. Marburger and Minister Sibal. Calling the minister’s list of the new initiatives “impressive,” he reminded the audience that the conference represents an opportunity for mutual learning. Both countries, he noted, face new global challenges and see the need for policy change as well as collaboration to adapt to this new competitive environment.

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