TABLE 8.1-2 Security Technologies, with Subtopics Listed—Example 2 from the 2004 Solicitation

  1. Prevention

    1. Tools and systems for smart buildings/structures for

      • Public resources (energy, water, air) monitoring and control

      • Human resources coordination during emergency situations

  1. Networked sensors and tools to provide real-time information on structural integrity

  2. Systems beyond optical recognition (finger, facial, or retinal) that provide quick (under two minutes), unambiguous identity authentication

  1. Detection

    1. Terahertz sources and detectors

    2. Systems utilizing hardened RFID and other modalities for secure supply chain management, traceability, and counterfeit detection

    3. Multiscale integration tools including new-generation packaging to enable nano-micro-meso system integration

    4. Compact, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and long-lived power supplies (e.g., for widely disbursed wireless sensor networks)

      • Biomimetic

      • Energy-scavenging systems

      • Photovoltaic systems

      • Acoustic-voltaic systems

      • Other systems that provide energy densities exceeding 1000 Wh/kg

    1. Proteomic-based biometric systems (NOTE: NOT PCR-based)

  1. Treatment

    1. Site-specific wireless and wireline data/information systems to empower responders and emergency managers

    2. Systems and tools for wide-area rapid treatment dissemination (including agricultural applications)

    3. Systems with information management capability for rapid susceptibility

  1. Remediation

    1. Systems and approaches for chemical (including industrial), biological, or radiological event remediation

      • Homes

      • Workplaces

      • Reservoirs

    1. Stand-alone, single-use, widely dispersible sensors or detectors for environmental monitoring (NOTE: NOT lab-on-a-chip systems)

    2. Environmentally friendly agent-specific widely dispersible decontamination media

      • Organic-based

      • Inorganic-based

  1. Attribution

    1. Taggants and anticounterfeit/product authentication systems with unique spectral and other signatures

    2. Field-deployable front-end sample preparation systems to extend the reach of laboratory-based analytic equipment

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