• Part 4: Please furnish the revenues received from the commercialization of this SBIR project: include Sales, Manufacturing, Product Licensing, Royalties, Consulting, Contracts, Other.

  • Part 5: Company Employment and Revenue Data


Start of SBIR Grant


Number of Employees



Revenue (Total $s)



Percent of Revenue from SBIRs (from all agencies)



IMPORTANT NOTE: Failure to submit annual commercialization reports may deter selection for future grants.

The remaining two components (listed below) may be used if a company has information to report.

  • Click on Publications and Products (if applicable). (Report scientific articles or papers appearing in scientific, technical, or professional journals. Include any publication that will be published in a proceedings of a scientific society, a conference, or the like. Report any significant product, other than a publication (or electronic publication), that you have developed under this project.)

  • Click on Contributions (if applicable). (A primary function of NSF support for research and education—along with training of people—is to help build a base of knowledge, theory, and technique in the relevant fields. That base will be drawn on many times and far into the future, often in ways that cannot be specifically predicted to meet the needs of the nation and of people. Most NSF-supported research and education projects should be producing contributions to the base of knowledge and technique in the immediately relevant field(s).)

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