Anxiety Disorders/dt OR (exp stress disorders, traumatic/ and dt.fs.) OR (exp Anxiety Disorders/ and dt.fs.) OR exp adrenergic antagonists/ OR exp adrenergic uptake inhibitors/ OR Guanfacine/ OR guanfacine.ti,ab. OR exp anti-anxiety agents/ or exp antipsychotic agents/ OR exp Anticonvulsants/ OR exp Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors/ or exp Tricyclic Antidepressant Drugs/ or Adrenergic Blocking Drugs/ or exp neuroleptic Drugs/ or exp Anticonvulsive Drugs/)

Psychotherapies Set

(exp psychotherapy/ or psychotherap$.ti,ab. OR exp Stress Disorders,OR exp Stress Disorders, Traumatic/th or exp Anxiety Disorders/th OR (exp stress disorders, traumatic/ and th.fs.) or (exp Anxiety Disorders/ and th.fs.) OR exp Behavior Therapy/ OR (cognit$ behav$ therapy or exposure therapy or cognitive processing therapy or «biofeedback and relaxation training­» or systematic desensitization or assertiveness training or stress innoculation training) OR psychodynamic psychotherapy OR («eye movement desensitization and reprocessing­» or EMDR) OR social rehabilitat$ therap$ OR exp psychotherapy, group/ OR family therapy/ or marital therapy/)

Reviews and Meta-Analyses Set

(systematic review$.ti,ab,sh,pt. OR systematic literature review$.ti,ab,sh. OR,ti,ab,sh. or (meta-analy$ or metaanaly$).ti,ab,sh. OR ((methodol$ OR systematic$ or quantitativ$) adj3 (review$ or overview$ or survey$)).ti,ab,sh. OR (Medline or Embase or Index Medicus).ti,ab,sh. OR ((pool$ or combined or combining) adj (data or trials or studies or results)).ti,ab. OR review literature/ or,sh.)

Clinical Trials or Epidemiological Studies Set

((randomized controlled trial or controlled trial).pt. OR randomized controlled trials/ or controlled clinical trials/ OR random$.ti,ab. or Double-blind method/ or Random allocation/ OR single blind method/ OR ((singl$ or doubl$ or trebl$ or tripl$) adj (blind$ or mask$)) OR clinical OR clinical trials/ OR (clinical adj trial$).ti,ab. OR placebos/ OR placebo$. ti,ab. OR research design/ OR Comparative Study/ or comparative stud$. ti,ab. OR exp evaluation studies/ or follow-up studies/ or follow up.ti,ab. or prospective studies/ OR (control$ or prospectiv$ or volunteer$).ti,ab.)

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