BOX 1-2

Topics Not Addressed in This Report

  • Current clinical practice in the treatment of PTSD, whether in the VA health care system or elsewhere

  • Diagnostic and assessment issues (these were the subject of an earlier IOM report in 2006)

  • PTSD treatment in the context of compensation, a set of issues addressed in the IOM report entitled PTSD Compensation and Military Service (2007b)

  • PTSD in children or adolescents

  • Feasibility, cost, or cost-effectiveness of various treatment modalities

The committee also received public submissions of material for its consideration at the meetings and by e-mail throughout the course of the study.3 A Web site ( and e-mail listserv were created to provide information to the public about the committee’s work and to facilitate communication with the committee. Materials from the information-gathering meeting are available in electronic format on the project’s Web site.

On the pages that follow in this chapter, the committee provides an overview of PTSD, with a special focus on veterans and treatment. Chapter 2 describes the methods the committee used to search for, organize, and evaluate the literature. In Chapters 3 and 4, respectively, the committee presents its assessment of the pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy modalities by describing key data from the included studies (see evidence tables in Chapters 3 and 4), summarizing the evidence, and making conclusions based on the evidence. Chapter 5 contains a discussion of issues in PTSD research identified by the committee, and responses to other questions posed by the Statement of Task. Additional information is provided in the appendixes referred to in the report (Appendix G provides the committee biographies and Appendix E contains the acronyms used in the report).


A list of materials reviewed by the committee (in the form in which they were reviewed), including all submissions of information from the public and many items not cited in this report, can be found in the study’s public access file, obtained from the National Academies Public Access Records Office at (202) 334-3543 or

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