Baselineb and Change in PTSD Measure

Statistically Significant? (versus control)

Loss of Diagnosis or Clinical Improvement (%)

Principal Limitations





No major limitations












No major limitations








dStudy began with 40 patients, 6 failed to complete any scheduled outcome assessment (after randomization) because of protocol discontinuation.

eIt is not clear if this was for all measures or just CAPS nightmare item scores.

fSeven were receiving one or more of the following medications for PTSD: selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (N = 5), trazodone (N = 2), benzodiazepines (N = 4), anticonvulsants (N = 2), hydroxyzine (N = 2), and risperidone (N = 1). Medications and psychotherapy were maintained unchanged during the study.

gResults for first half of study before crossover.


The committee identified seven trials of novel antipsychotics olanzapine or risperidone in the treatment of individuals with PTSD (Bartzokis et al., 2005; Butterfield et al., 2001; Hamner et al., 2003; Monnelly et al., 2003; Padala et al., 2006; Reich et al., 2004; Stein et al., 2002). The participants in these studies had suffered from several traumas including combat (mostly U.S. participants) and sexual and physical abuse and/or assault. The mean age in these studies was approximately 45 years, with a range of 19−68 years. None of the studies reported duration of illness or time since trauma. Most studies provided information about ethnicity of the participants. In most studies the majority of the patients were white with a smaller number of studies reporting non-white participants at approximately 10 percent to 29 percent. More than half (54 percent) of one study’s population was comprised of black participants.

All studies were double-blinded and included a placebo control. The treatment period ranged from 5–16 weeks, and only one study conducted follow-up after completion of treatment (3-month follow-up) (Bartzokis et

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