We gratefully acknowledge the support of private contributors to the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council. Contributions to the National Academy of Engineering are recognized in the NAE Program Report and The Bridge.

The Einstein Society

In recognition of members and friends who have made cumulative lifetime contributions of $100,000 or more to the National Academies.


John Abelson

Bruce and Betty Alberts

Rose-Marie and Jack R. Anderson

John and Lise Armstrong

Holt Ashley*

Richard C. and Rita Atkinson

Norman R. Augustine

W. O. Baker*

William F. Ballhaus, Sr.

Craig and Barbara Barrett

Eleanor F. Barschall

Jordan and Rhoda Baruch

Warren L. Batts

Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.

Kenneth E. Behring

C. Gordon Bell

Elwyn and Jennifer Berlekamp

Diane and Norman Bernstein

Elkan Blout*

Harry E. Bovay, Jr.

David G. Bradley

Donald L. Bren

Sydney Brenner

Margaret A. Hamburg and Peter F. Brown

Fletcher and Peg Byrom

James McConnell Clark

Dale and Jeanne Compton

Roman W. DeSanctis

George and Maggie Eads

Richard Evans

Mary E. Wilson and Harvey V. Fineberg

Tobie and Dan Fink

George and Ann Fisher

Harold K. and Betty A. Forsen

William L. and Mary Kay Friend

Eugene Garfield

William H. Gates, III

T. H. Geballe

Nan and Chuck Geschke

William T. Golden

Corey S. Goodman

Bernard M. Gordon

David Grainger

Jerome H. and Barbara N. Grossman

Corbin Gwaltney

William M. Haney, III

Michael and Sheila Held

M. Blakeman Ingle

Robert L. and Anne K. James

Anita K. Jones

Thomas V. Jones

Kenneth A. Jonsson

Yuet W. Kan

Fred Kavli

Cindy and Jeong Kim

Mrs. Leon K. Kirchmayer

Frederick A. Klingenstein

Daniel E. Koshland, Jr.

William W. Lang

Gerald and Doris Laubach

Tillie K. Lubin*

Whitney MacMillan

William W. McGuire

Burton and DeeDee McMurtry

Richard and Ronay Menschel

Ruben F. Mettler*

Dane and Mary Louise Miller

The Honorable* and Mrs. G. William Miller

George and Cynthia Mitchell

Ambrose K. Monell

Gordon and Betty Moore

Joe and Glenna Moore

David and Lindsay Morgenthaler

Richard M. Morrow

Philip Needleman

Gerda K. Nelson

Ralph S. O'Connor

Peter O'Donnell, Jr.

Kenneth H. Olsen

Doris Pankow

Jack S. Parker

Shela and Kumar Patel

Percy Pollard

Robert A. Pritzker

Dr. and Mrs. Allen E. Puckett

Ann and Michael Ramage

Simon Ramo

Carol and David Richards

Anne and Walt Robb

Hinda G. Rosenthal*

Mrs. Joseph E. Rowe

George Rowe

Jack W. and Valerie Rowe

Mrs. Fritz J. Russ

William J. Rutter

Jillian Sackler

Bernard G. and Rhoda Sarnat

Wendy and Eric Schmidt

Sara Lee and Axel Schupf

Shep and Carol Ruth Shepherd

Melvin I. Simon

Georges C. St. Laurent, Jr.

Charlotte and Morry Tanenbaum

Ted Turner

Leslie L. Vadasz

Roy and Diana Vagelos

John C. Whitehead

Wm. A. Wulf

Alejandro Zaffaroni

The Elkan Blout Society of the National Academy of Sciences

In recognition of members of the National Academy of Sciences and individuals who have made cumulative lifetime contributions between $20,000 and $99,999.

Andreas Acrivos

John D. Baldeschwieler

William J. Baumol

Paul Berg

R. Stephen Berry

Floyd E. Bloom

Lewis M. Branscomb

Daniel Branton


Recently Deceased

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