1. view many IRG topics in different centers as rather similar, even duplicative. How can the entire MRSEC program support a broader scope of research?

  2. What broader impacts has your center had on the materials research effort at your university? How have you demonstrated success in any of these areas?

  3. Has there been a significant change in the materials research program due to the establishment of the MRSEC? (If an MRL predates the MRSEC, how did it shape on-campus culture?)

  4. How do you judge success in industrial outreach & knowledge transfer? What criteria and/or metrics are appropriate to evaluating progress?

  5. How is the educational experience (for graduate and undergraduate students) enhanced by being part of MRSEC sponsored industrial outreach? Can you contrast to the experience for students not involved in MRSEC industrial outreach?

  6. What changes (if any) are needed in your industrial outreach and knowledge transfer effort to respond to changes in the evolving industrial climate?

  7. How do researchers feel about the role of EO within their MRSEC program? How does participation in MRSECs EO activities affect researchers? (Ask of faculty and students.)

  8. How are you planning on handling expanded mandates for assessment of your EO program?

  9. Reflections on the review process:

    • What works well?

    • How would you improve the process?


What did we miss? What else do you think is important or should be included in our report and recommendations? Our goal is to understand what (if any) differences exist for students’ educational experience based on their involvement in the MRSEC program (or if the presence of a MRSEC on campus provides comparable benefit to all students doing materials research).


We would like to talk about some of the following topics with students and other participants in the MRSEC.

  1. Compared to your peers, how do you perceive that your experience in the MRSEC is different?

  2. What are your aspirations beyond graduate school?

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