OASDHA Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs

OCONUS outside the continental United States

OIE World Organization for Animal Health

OTSG Office of the Army Surgeon General

PAHO Pan American Health Organization

PCR polymerase chain reaction

PI pandemic influenza

PIPM Pandemic Influenza Policy Model Extension

POM Program Objective Memorandum

PPE personal protective equipment

QA/QC quality assurance/quality control

RSD Research Sciences Department

RSV respiratory syncytial virus

RTA Royal Thai Army

RT-PCR reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction

RVF Rift Valley fever

SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome

SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization

SME subject matter expertise

SOP standard operating procedure

SOUTHCOM U.S. Southern Command

TMA Tricare Management Activity

USACHPPM U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine

USAID U.S. Agency for International Development

USAMC U.S. Army Materiel Command

USAMRIID United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases

USAMRMC U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

USAMRU-K U.S. Army Medical Research Unit, Kenya

USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture

USDAAPHIS U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

USG United States government

USUHS Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

UVRI Uganda Virus Research Institute

VE vaccine effectiveness

VRBPAC Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee

WARUN Walter Reed/AFRIMS Research Unit Nepal

WHO World Health Organization

WRAIR Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

WRP Walter Reed Project

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