Nick Fedorko, West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey—A Report on the State of Knowledge of Coal Resources and Reserves in West Virginia.

Ari Geertsema, University of Kentucky—Coal to Liquid Fuels in the U.S.: Research and Technology.

Steve Gigliotti, DOL-Mine Safety and Health Administration—Overview of Technical Support: U.S. Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration.

R. Güner Gürtunca, DHHS-National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health—Coal Mine Safety and Health Research at Pittsburgh Laboratory of NIOSH.

David Hawkins, Natural Resources Defense Council—Speeding CCS Deployment.

Peter Holman, Caterpillar Global Mining—Global/USA Energy.

Connie Holmes, National Mining Association—Perspective of the National Mining Association.

Mike Hood, CRC Mining—Technologies That Will Be Needed for Mining in 2025 and The CRCMining Academic-Industry Research Model.

James R. Katzer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology—Advanced Coal-Based Power Generation Technology.

Larry Kellerman, Goldman Sachs & Co—Overcoming the Not-So-Hidden Barriers to the Expansion of Coal Generation.

Julianne M. Klara, DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory—Benefits of Clean Coal R&D Program.

Mo Klefeker, Black Hills Corporation—Energy for the West: Wire Versus Rail Decisions.

Jeffrey L. Kohler, DHHS-National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health—NIOSH’s Mission and Expectations for the NRC Coal Study.

John Langton, DOL-Mine Safety and Health Administration—Overview of Coal Mine Safety and Health.

John A. Lewis, DOI-Bureau of Land Management—National Science Academy Presentation by the Bureau of Land Management.

Alexander Livnat, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency—EPA’s Role in Regulation and R&D of Coal-Related Activities.

James Luppens, U.S. Geological Survey—Overview of Coal Research Activities at the U.S. Geological Survey.

Gerald H. Luttrell, Virginia Tech,—Status and Needs of the Coal Preparation Industry.

John Moran, Jones Walker, Waterways Council, Inc.—The National Public Policy Organization Advocating a Modern and Well-Maintained System of Ports and Inland Waterways.

M. Granger Morgan, Carnegie Mellon University—Security and Reliability of the Electric Power Transmission and Distribution System.

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