Boundary Law: “We recommend improvements in survey and boundary law giving greater priority than now exists in the use of coordinates for boundary descriptions” (p. 59).

Legal Issues: “Following the lead of the Modernization of Land Data Systems (MOLDS) II conference (North American Institute for Modernization of Land Data Systems, 1979),1 we recommend that

  1. Lawyers and surveyors promote state legislation that would make the recording of survey plans for conveyance or subdivision mandatory; all new deeds be based on a reliable survey, similar to those required by the plat laws or section corner filing acts that exist in some states; and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping and American Society of Civil Engineers propose model standards.

  2. Title insurance companies agree that all future policies be accompanied by a survey plan; and the American Land Title Association and the American Bar Association propose model standards.

  3. All title insurance surveys be recorded for the benefits of abutters and future users; and the American Bar Association and American Land Title Association propose model standards.

  4. All boundary-survey plans show deed references of land owners and adjacent land owners until a parcel identifier system has been adopted” (p. 71).

Centers of Excellence: “We recommend support by the federal government for the establishment of a center or centers of excellence in land-information science, for the purpose of providing a program that develops scholars and professionals. The curriculum should include direct experience with land-data-systems problems” (p. 4).

Professional Organizations: “We recommend that professional organizations such as the American Public Works Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, American Society of Photogrammetry, American Bar Association, and American Right of Way Association should jointly develop practical methods for the creation of a utility cadastre” (p. 74).

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