Childhood Cancer Survivorship (IOM, 2003) Recommendation 1 Develop evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the care of survivors of childhood cancer.
  The NCI should convene an expert group of consumers, providers, and researchers to review available clinical practice guidelines and agree upon an evidence-based standard for current practice. For areas where bodies of evidence have not been rigorously evaluated, AHRQ Evidence Practice Centers should be charged to review the evidence. When evidence upon which to make recommendation is not available, the expert group should identify areas in need of research.

Research and Demonstrations

Ensuring Quality Cancer Care (IOM, 1999) Recommendation 8 Public and private sponsors of cancer care research should support national studies of recently diagnosed individuals with cancer, using information sources with sufficient detail to assess patterns of cancer care and factors associated with the receipt of good care….
Recommendation 10 Studies are needed to find out why specific segments of the population (e.g., members of certain racial or ethnic groups, older patients) do not receive appropriate cancer care. These studies should measure provider and individual knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs, as well as other potential barriers to access to care.
Enhancing Data Systems to Improve the Quality of Cancer Care (IOM, 2000) Recommendation 1
b. Research sponsors (e.g., AHRQ, NCI, HCFA,VA) should invest in studies to identify evidence-based quality indicators across the continuum of cancer care.
Recommendation 9 Federal research agencies (e.g., NCI, AHRQ, HCFA, VA) should fund demonstration projects to assess the application of quality monitoring programs within health care systems and the impact of data-driven changes in the delivery of services on the quality of health care. Findings from the demonstrations should be disseminated widely to consumers, payers, purchasers, and cancer care providers.

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