Form and Content of the INL Facilities Budget Documentation

Recommendation 5-7. NE, ID, and INL (BEA) should improve the form and content of the INL facilities budget documentation. Currently, a wide variety of documents need to be reviewed to understand the budget and its basis, and even then discussions with the main participants are necessary. NE, ID, and INL (BEA) need to decide on the final form for the budget documentation, and both the Office of Science and NNSA documentation would be worthy of emulation. The improved budget documentation should have the following attributes:

  • Budget items should be readily traceable to specific items in the overall plan and schedule.

  • Big-ticket items that affect the budgets—for example, the resolution of cleanup commitments with fixed future end dates—should be explicitly identified and accounted for in funding plans.

  • The impact of budget amounts on maintenance items should be documented. For example, it appears maintenance is chronically underfunded, the maintenance backlog is rising, and the backlog appears to be out of line with that of other comparable national laboratories. Data that allow discerning trends and drawing comparisons need to be provided or clearly referenced in the budget. Traceability to a living, readily updated overall plan and schedule will also help in this regard.

  • The amount and sources of indirect funding at INL used to support facilities-related expenditures should be clarified.

  • Work funded by government agencies other than NE should be explicitly accounted for, along with the attendant impacts on resources needed to maintain and enhance INL facilities. The costs of managing for multiple users should also be shown.


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