resampling algorithms that use the error analysis and correct for inaccuracies. The project will also leverage results from previous USGS and academic research on projecting raster data to establish the necessary knowledge base for the decision support system and the error correction procedures.

  • Publications and Reports

    • Open-File Report 01-181—Methods To Achieve Accurate Projection of Regional and Global Raster Databases

    • Open-File Report 01-383—–Methods To Achieve Accurate Projection of Regional and Global Raster Databases

    • Projecting Global Raster Databases—Abstract from the Geoinformatics for Global Change Studies and Sustainable Development Conference, Nanjing, China, June 2002

    • Projecting Global Raster Databases—Paper from the International Symposium on Geospatial Theory, Processing, and Applications Conference, Ottawa, Canada, July 2002

    • A Comparison of Equal-Area Map Projections for Regional and Global Raster Data

    • Projecting Global Datasets to Achieve Equal Areas—Peer-Reviewed Paper from the Cartography and Geographic Information Science Journal, Vol. 30, Issue 1, Jan 2003

    • User's Guide to the Decision Support System for Map Projections

    • Accurate Projection of Small-Scale Raster Datasets—Paper from the 21st International Cartographic Conference, 10 . 16 Aug 2003, Durban, South Africa

    • Open-File Report 03-433—Users Guide for the MapImage Reprojection Software Package

    • Open-File Report 2004-1394 User's Guide for the MapImage Reprojection Software Package, Version 1.01

    • Scientific Investigations Report (SIR) 2004-5297—A Decision Support System for Map Projections of Small Scale Data

    • Re-projecting Raster Data of Global Extent—Abstract from Auto-Carto 2005: A Research Symposium, March 21-23, 2005, Las Vegas, Nevada

Building an Ontology for The National Map

The current evolving standards for the various themes of The National Map and the historic developments of Digital Line Graph-Enhanced (DLG-E), Digital Line Graph-Feature-Based (DLG-F), and National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) formal specifications provide a cohesive basis for a new ontology that can support The National Map. The existing standards must be cast into the new environment of multiscale representation, near-real-time and web access, and on-demand

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