Box 1-1

Expert Panel Questions

  • What do you see as the value of the NRC/NIST postdoctoral program? (AD)

    • To the postdocs

    • To the NIST mission?

    • To your science/engineering field?

  • Is there any downside to the program? (AD/FRA)

  • Are there areas where you think it could be improved? (AD/FRA)

  • In what ways have you benefitted from being an NRC/NIST postdoc? (FRA)

  • Do the postdocs differ in any way from other entry level NIST employees? (AD)

  • What effect do you think the postdoctoral program has on the careers of NIST postdocs? (AD)

  • What effect do you think the postdoctoral program will have on your career? (CRA/FRA?)

  • Has the postdoctoral experience been what you expected ?(If not, explain.) (CRA)

  • Would you recommend changing anything about the postdoctoral program? (AD /CRA/FRA)

  • Why did you apply for the NIST postdoctoral program? (CRA/FRA)

  • What other postdoc programs, jobs, and other things did you apply for? (CRA/FRA)

  • Has having a NIST postdoc affected where you might like to be employed? (CRA)

  • What are your career plans after the postdoc ends? (CRA)

    • Has this changed as a result of your experience in the NIST postdoc?

  • Do you think NIST postdocs differ from other postdocs in science and engineering? (AD)

  • Are you satisfied with the current selection process for awarding NIST postdocs? (everyone)

  • If this postdoc program did not exist, how would that affect your work and staff?AD)

  • Are there any NIST postdocs that stand out in your mind as having made a significant impact on the field? (AD)

  • Do you continue to have contact with former postdocs (in what ways)? (AD)

  • Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the program?(everyone)

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