Box 3-1

Suggested Final Report for Research Associates

  1. Name

  2. Contact Information

    1. Address

    2. Phone

    3. Email

  1. Information about the postdoctoral appointment

    1. Agency name

    2. Laboratory or center name

    3. Division/Directorate/Department

    4. Postdoctoral start date

    5. Postdoctoral end dates

    6. Name of advisor

    7. Title of research proposal

    8. Summary of research

    9. Relationship of research conducted to research proposal

      1. I did what I proposed

      2. I did what I proposed, and also did other research projects

      3. I did some of what I proposed and also did other research

      4. I did not do what I proposed

  1. Was the agency where you undertook the RAP your first choice?

    1. If no, why not: _____________

  1. What was your primary reason for taking this postdoc?

    1. Additional training in Ph.D. field

    2. Training in an area outside of Ph.D. field

    3. Work with a specific person or place

    4. Other employment not available

    5. Postdoc generally expected for a career in this field

    6. Salary/benefits

    7. Location

    8. Only offer received

    9. Some other reason: ______________

  1. When you applied to the RAP, did you apply to multiple agencies? Which other ones did you apply to?

  2. Around the time you applied to the RAP, did you apply to other postdoctoral positions?

  3. Were you offered more than one position?

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