Box 3-2

Suggested Research Advisor Evaluation

  1. Name

  2. Contact Information

    1. Address

    2. Phone

    3. Email

  1. Have you ever been an advisor to a postdoc? (If yes, skip to 5)

  2. If no, why not? (Continue to 10)

  3. If yes, how many in the past five years?

  4. Do you keep in touch with former postdocs you advised?

  5. Are you currently an advisor to a postdoc?

  6. If yes, how would you rate the postdoc associate to other comparable employees at your agency?

    1. Knowledge of field (below ave, ave, above ave, good, exceptional)

    2. Research technique

    3. Motivation/initiative

    4. Independent research

    5. Innovative thinking

    6. Overall scientific ability

  1. Would you like the postdoc as a professional colleague at your agency?

  2. Should the postdoc program be limited to U.S. citizens (if no, who else should be allowed to apply?)

  3. How do you think most doctorates hear about the postdoctoral program at your agency?

    1. Word of mouth from fellow graduate students/doctorates

    2. Ph.D. thesis advisor or other professor

    3. University placement office

    4. Former or current postdoc with your agency

    5. Agency employee

    6. NRC presentation at professional meeting

    7. Advertisement in professional publication

    8. Internet

    9. Other: _______________

  1. What type of outreach do you think is most effective?

  2. In your opinion, is 2 years the optimal duration for the postdoctoral appointment?

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