• Some foreign universities are now conducting their engineering and business classes in English to promote recruitment of faculty and students and simplify access to technical information. In contrast, the working language in the back halls of many US engineering schools is Chinese.

  • The United States is falling relative to its economic competitors in broadband Internet access. As recently as 2000 it was in first place; now it ranks 16th in the fraction of citizens having broadband connections and 61st in the use of mobile telephony per capita. South Korea has nearly twice the broadband penetration (subscribers per capita) of the United States.

  • Toyota now has over 5 times the market capitalization of General Motors and Ford combined.

  • The United States ranks 17th among nations in high-school graduation rate and 14th in college graduation rate.

  • Foreigners finance about two-thirds of US domestic investment, compared with about one-fifteenth a decade ago.

  • China has supplanted the United States as the world’s number 1 high-technology exporter.

  • During the past 30 years, 40% of new petroleum production came from industrialized nations. It is estimated that during the next 40 years, 90% will come from developing nations.

  • Well over half the world’s foreign-exchange resources are held by emerging market countries: the poorer nations are now financing the richer nations.

  • The German firm that a decade ago purchased one of America’s Big Three automobile makers, Chrysler, for $36 billion decided after 9 years that it didn’t want the company after all and in effect paid nearly $700 million to get someone else to take it away (along with its pension liability).

  • Of the new R&D sites planned for construction in the next 3 years by the 177 companies queried in one recent survey, 77% are to be built in China or India, often using US corporate financing.

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