L2642: This line seems to all of a sudden pop in here, yet is potentially rather important in regards to results in Chapter 3. Given that NH3 comes from a rather large number of processes, some rather disconnected to N2O production, this seems a stretch.

L2750 “five different RCMs” should be “six different RCMs…”

L 2755-2756 The sentence beginning “Future IPCC…” should be corrected to “The IPCC A1B scenario is used in this intercomparison study.” (i.e., only A1B will be used and not A2)

L 2790: “The future sources of most of

L 2800: They need to be more specific as to what is meant by biofuel, and also need to show it is CO2 neutral. In many cases, it is not.

L 2841: This last sentence is rather weak and equivocating. From what is presented, reducing NOx will reduce tropospheric ozone. Reducing tropospheric ozone should reduce radiative forcing. The report should have a strong ending.

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