The committee’s evaluation of presentations and discussions at the workshop has resulted in the identification of the following research needs and gaps.

Research Needs
  1. Effects of RF electromagnetic fields on neural networks are research needs. There are indications that neural networks are a sensitive biological target.

  2. Investigations of doses occurring on the microscopic level are needed to better understand possible interactions of RF electromagnetic fields on the cellular and subcellular level. Several national and international expert groups, including the World Health Organization, have requested more research into micro-dosimetry and appropriate dielectric models as a medium- to long-term research need.

Research Gaps

Research Ongoing

  1. Mechanisms that can be modeled theoretically with the use of software-based nonlinear cell models that describe field-induced molecular changes. It is currently unclear if a nonlinear biological mechanism exists that could lead to demodulation effects. There is some research with respect to this question underway.

Judged to Be of Lower Priority

  1. It is unclear whether low-level RF exposure can trigger effects through stimulation of cellular thermo-receptors.

  2. Knowledge is lacking concerning the effects of electromagnetic fields on ion and molecular transport through the cell membrane.

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