This community also includes the multiple elements of the JPDO in its effort to establish NextGen ATC operations. There are hundreds of initiatives and projects under the JPDO NextGen umbrella, and participants need a clear understanding of how potential wake turbulence solution set(s) interact with them. Many of these initiatives, such as navigation for approach and landing or departure, new runway construction, ATC and flight deck information display improvements, may interact technically with any wake turbulence solution. Priority for funding of these initiatives, including wake turbulence, can be considered in light of alternative project funding by weighing relative risks, benefits, and schedules. This would also allow wake turbulence and other initiatives to be fully integrated in terms of planning, technical and economic analysis, and budget execution. JPDO is not a direct recipient of program funds, but is a coordinating organization that develops plans for required work and that coordinates those requirements across agencies. Individual agencies submit their budgets for the work they will conduct. More detailed recommendations on budget are beyond the scope of this committee.

By getting the community talking in the earliest stages, there is increased likelihood of finding a practical and effective solution to the shortage of airspace capacity. Further, it is more likely that any spacing modification will be accepted because there will be reduced confusion, misunderstanding, and speculation over spacing changes. This challenge can be met if the agency that ultimately conducts the wake vortex research makes a strong and earnest outreach effort and maintains that communication throughout the research period. Communication can continue beyond the implementation phase in order to monitor the acceptance of spacing modifications and to provide data to end users showing the effect of research on the nation’s airspace capacity.

Recommendation 2-3. Operators and controllers should be included in the process of designing, implementing, and evaluating wake turbulence-related changes to the air transportation system.

Recommendation 2-4. JPDO should recommend to the FAA detailed wake vortex research efforts needed to support NextGen.

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