FIGURE 4-1 Status of Phase II projects.

SOURCE: NRC Phase II Survey.

of these projects had already achieved sales or other funding. Seventeen percent of responding projects were still in development; of the remaining 42 percent in the commercialization phase, just over half were already in the market place (see Figure 4-1).

Project Discontinuation

NRC Phase II Survey respondents cited a number of reasons for discontinuing their projects. When asked to identify the primary reason, most respondents indicated either that market demand was too small (32 percent of those discontinuing their projects), or that they had experienced technical failure or difficulties (25 percent). Not enough funding was indicated by another 12 percent.


While this NRC study uses multiple indicators to assess program outcomes, and multiple metrics for most indicators, sales and licensing revenues remain an important measure of program success.

Just over half of NRC Phase II Survey respondents indicated that they had generated sales greater than $0 from their Phase II project. Averaged across all respondents (including those with no sales), the average amount of sales reported was $582,783 per project. (Of the respondents that reported positive sales, the average sales attributed to the Phase II project was approximately $1.1 million.) An additional $267,535 per project resulted from sales by licensees of the SBIR

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