under the themes, please do complete Part A (basic information), the ratings in Part B, and Part C (the section on reflections).

There are two modes of response. You can enter the material on the Web site or you can use the Word document (attached to the e-mail that you will receive) to fill in responses under each theme and return it to us as an attachment (including your name or project name in the file name). Our hope is that each project’s thematic summary will be between 3 and 6 pages in length. We are interested in the process of scientific collaboration during the research. You may want to cite some of the research findings as they are relevant to the process, but the focus is not on findings.

You may want to synthesize your experience on two or three projects (or report on one while indicating that there are other projects on which you might be willing to report in the future).

Part A:
Basic Information

  1. Title of the internationally collaborative project on which you are reporting (add a short description if the title is not self-explanatory):

  2. Your name, address, and role on the project:

  3. Countries from which collaborators came (in alphabetical order or by level of involvement; if not too burdensome, list collaborating institutes, universities, or organizations within the countries):

  4. Major sources of funds for the project:

  5. Dates of international collaboration on this project (in phases if appropriate):

  6. International or professional organization(s) with which the project is affiliated (if any):

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